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Orthokeratology Explained

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What Is Ortho-k?

Have you worn eyeglasses or contact lenses for years? Imagine leaving your house in the morning and seeing all the fine details of the world around you – without putting on a pair of glasses or inserting contacts. Orthokeratology, also known as ortho-k, can do this for you!

Ortho-k is a contemporary, safe, and effective method of vision correction that allows you to see crisp and clear without any eyeglasses or daytime contact lenses. It does not require surgery, and even people who have worn prescription eyewear for years to correct nearsightedness can benefit from ortho-k lenses. To find out if ortho-k is right for you, visit our eye care specialists at Carolina Forest Family Eyecare. We serve Myrtle Beach, Conway, and all surrounding communities with sharp and healthy vision.

The Ortho-k Process

Eye doctor, teenage girl, ortho-k, in Myrtle Beach, SCOrtho-k works by gently molding and flattening your cornea as you sleep. You will need to insert specialized rigid gas permeable lenses before bedtime and remove them when you wake in the morning. Throughout the night, the ortho-k lenses will reshape your eyes, thereby correcting any refractive error temporarily. Typically, the effects of orthokeratology last only a few days at a time, which is why the lenses must be worn every night.

Orthokeratology is painless and reversible. Due to modern materials and advanced engineering, the uncomfortable symptoms caused by old-fashioned hard lenses are a thing of the past. Also, ortho-k lenses are only worn while you snooze, so you won’t feel they are there. At the beginning, you may experience mild side effects, such as seeing halo or glare around lights, but this will dissipate quickly.

Most of our Myrtle Beach and Conway, SC, patients notice results from ortho-k almost immediately. However, the full effects on vision are usually apparent after only a few weeks of wearing the lenses. In addition, if you start with ortho-k and later change your mind about it, you can simply stop wearing the lenses and your cornea will return to its original shape.

Ortho-k and Myopia Control

Recent studies show that ortho-k lenses are highly effective for controlling myopia in children. As the lenses mold the cornea, they suppress eye growth. This prevents children’s eyes from continuing to elongate – thereby preventing their nearsightedness from worsening. If your child needs vision correction and yearly eye exams always diagnose the need for a more powerful prescription, ask our eye doctors about ortho-k lenses.

Benefits of Ortho-k

Eye doctor, Young Girl Tennis Racket in Myrtle Beach, SCOrthokeratology has a lot to offer!

  • Most people are good candidates; even people who are not eligible for LASIK or other surgeries can usually wear ortho-k
  • No more need to wear glasses or daytime contacts; vision correction is convenient and comfortable
  • Sports players achieve crisp vision without bulky eyewear or bothersome contact lenses
  • Vision is often better than with eyeglasses
  • Non-surgical
  • Myopia control for kids reduces future eye health risks and eliminates the need to buy new glasses yearly
  • Ideal for dry and/or dusty environments, where contact lenses become uncomfortable

Ortho-k Fittings in Myrtle Beach

“Ortho-k is a highly specialized type of contact lens. That’s why not all optometrists have enough expertise to offer specialty ortho-k fittings – even if they offer fittings of other types of contact lenses. We are one of the few practices with skill and experience with orthokeratology, and we’re proud to offer this exciting new technology to Myrtle Beach and Conway!”, says Dr. Thomas Weshefsky, of Carolina Forest Family Eyecare.

Ortho-k fittings and eye exams are more complicated than with standard contacts, and a series of eye checks are usually needed. We’ll provide you with a variety of lenses to try until the perfect fit is found. The expense and time investment is slightly higher, but our patients report that their improved quality of vision and life is worth it.

Please visit us to discuss your candidacy and book an eye exam for revolutionary ortho-k lenses!