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Located near the Kroger Shopping Center

Located near the Kroger Shopping Center



The Magic Of Orthokeratology

Orthokeratology or ortho-k lenses are special contacts that allow you to experience improved vision during the day without the need for eyeglasses or contacts. The special ortho-k night time contact lenses are put in before you go to sleep, and gently reshape the cornea, the front part of your eye that helps shape light entering the eye, while you sleep. The lenses are made of a special gas permeable lens that allows you to wear them at night without discomfort. When you wake up in the morning, you simply take out your contact lenses and you are able to enjoy eyesight improved up to a perfect 20/20.

girl_pointing_to_cheek | Carolina Forest Family EyecarePeople with mild or moderate nearsightedness, whether they have astigmatism or not, are likely to see vision improvement with ortho-k lenses. Ortho-k is always reversible, so using ortho-k lenses does not represent a commitment on the same level as LASIK and is, therefore, less risky. If you decide to stop wearing the lenses at any time, your eyes will simply revert to their previous shape, and your eyesight will return to what it was prior to you beginning ortho-k. Those who are looking to get rid of their eyeglasses or contacts, but are not good candidates for refractive surgery, for any reason, may benefit from ortho-k since the vast majority of eye conditions do not hinder a person from being a successful ortho-k patient.

Ortho-k Contact Lens Fittings

Dr. Thomas Weshefsky of Carolina Forest Family Eyecare in Myrtle Beach adds, “Ortho-k is a highly specialized type of contact lens. This is why not all optometrists will be expert enough in the field to offer fittings of this specialty lens, even if they offer fittings of other types of contact lenses. We are one of the few practices with expertise and experience with this important new technology and are proud to offer this exciting new technology to our patients.”

During your fitting, your eye doctor will go through a few steps to ensure that ortho-k lenses are right for you and to ensure that your ortho-k lenses are properly fitted for comfort and safety. Dr. Weshefsky walks us through the proccess, “First, your 'corneal topography,' will be scanned. This is a painless procedure, taking roughly one minute, which gives the doctor an image and measurements of the unique topography of your eye. This topography is as unique as a fingerprint, and varies just as much from person to person. After this, you will either be fitted from an in-office inventory of ortho-k lenses, or a custom pair will be ordered for you, to be fitted to your eye at a later appointment. In most cases, the first few pairs of lenses are temporary, and only begin the re-shaping of your cornea. By roughly the third pair, most people can expect to reach their best ortho-k corrected vision.”

For more information about NightLens and NightLens therapy in Myrtle Beach, and to see if ortho-k lenses are a suitable solution for you, contact Dr. Weshefsky today.