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It's hard to believe that summer's just about over. Children throughout the country are getting pumped for the new school year, with backpacks, notepads and loads of energy. This is the perfect opportunity to take your son or daughter for an eye exam, if you haven't already.

As you might have guessed, a lot of learning is accomplished with the use of a child's eyes. Despite the well-known link between sight and learning, many parents seem to be unaware of this, and don't include a visit to the eye doctor as part of their child's back to school preparations. As your child's vision may change frequently, regular eye care is crucial to good school results and self esteem.

School-aged children have the impressive ability to carry on, despite having an issue with their sight and they might not complain about any sort of trouble, because they don't even know they don't see the world the same way their peers do. It is extra important to monitor the signs and symptoms of vision problems as your child progresses in school.

Struggling to meet the visual demands in the classroom can noticeably affect their academic performance. New classroom technology, such as the use of interactive whiteboards, can also potentially heighten previously hidden vision issues. Without adequate vision, students may suffer not only at school, but also mentally, physically and emotionally.

If your son or daughter has already been tested for and fitted with glasses, now is also a good opportunity to consider getting a new pair of frames. The more your son or daughter enjoys wearing his/her glasses, the more likely he/she will wear them.

Be sure to stop by to see us as part of your back-to-school routine. We'll help your child begin the year afresh with excellent vision.