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Do you ever leave your soft contact lenses in for longer than you're supposed to? It's a pretty accepted fact that things are at their best when they're new. You won't be surprised to hear that the same can be used to understand the importance of changing your contacts. As a rule, you shouldn't keep them in for longer than you're supposed to. Despite that fact that you might be tempted, if you want your eyes to look healthy, don't ignore the lens regime given to you by your optometrist. In other words, if your optician tells you to change them every two weeks, then change them every two weeks, because they can't be worn any longer than that.

You might ask, is it so bad to get just a couple additional days out of them? To better comprehend this, let's take a look at protein - not the dietary kind, but the natural protein found in your tears that slowly accumulates on the surface of your lenses and creates a mild haze. Unclear vision is just the initial result.

If this continues, these proteins transform and make your immune system think the formation is something foreign, which in turn can lead to inflammation in the eye. This leads to a situation where your eyesight suffers. External particles like pollen or dust can also accumulate on the lens, which also makes vision blurry. Even if you take the best possible care of your contacts, eventually they stop being as smooth and clear, due to normal deterioration.

It's best to stick to the routine your optician decides on for you. If you replace your contact lenses on time, you'll never even see the difference that is so apparent when you wear them any longer than you're meant to.