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Since this month marks National Glaucoma Awareness Month, this post is intended to review the importance of knowing about the indications of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a category of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve, which can be a precursor to irreversible blindness. If not treated, the damage often first results in peripheral vision loss and ultimately ends up causing total blindness. It is considered to be the primary cause of preventable loss of vision and more than 60 million people around the world are afflicted with it.

One of the main causes of glaucoma is considered to be elevated pressure in the eye known as intraocular pressure. The elevation in pressure damages the optic nerve which transports messages to the vision centers in the brain. In instances where this system doesn't work properly, vision is impaired. Unfortunately, optic nerve damage can't be corrected.

The most dangerous characteristic of glaucoma is that distinct from other forms of blindness, there are no symptoms until it may be too late.
It is because of the disease's subtle nature glaucoma has obtained the nickname the "sneak thief of sight." The problem is how can a patient prevent a disease which lacks any obvious symptoms?

Prompt diagnosis of glaucoma is important to successful treatment. While everyone may be at risk for glaucoma, specific populations have a higher risk than others. Risk factors for glaucoma can include those over 45, those having family members who have had glaucoma, individuals with diabetes, or known eye conditions such as elevated intraocular pressure.

You can learn more about glaucoma if you contact an eye doctor. There are a number of diagnostic eye tests employed to check damage to the ocular nerves caused by glaucoma. Particularly if you are 45 or older or have one of the other risk factors named above, it's important to plan for a comprehensive eye examination annually.

The fact is most forms of glaucoma cannot be prevented. However the damage to the optic nerve and deterioration of vision may be halted by a reliable diagnosis and proper treatment. Contact Carolina Forest Family Eyecare today, for a yearly glaucoma screening.