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Home » News and Events » Be Aware of Household Eye Safety This Month

As September marks Home & Sports Eye Safety Month, we've chosen to focus on ways to keep your house safe for your eyes specifically when it comes to children. It's important to be proactive to ensure your house doesn't pose any series dangers to your children's eyes.

Naturally, babies enter the world with an underdeveloped visual structure that progresses as they get mature. As part of standard infant optical development, infants can see an object only up close. A child's visual system is constantly stimulated as he grows. Toys can be one of the best methods for stimulating kid's vision. However, at the same time, it's important to consider that a large number of childhood accidents occur at home, many of them with toys.

What's the best way to prevent accidents? There are several precautions you can take when choosing toys and games for the home to ensure your child's eye safety.

Firstly, ensure long-handled playthings - such as play brooms- don't have sharp edges, and closely oversee children under two with such toys. While blocks are usually safe for almost all ages, it's important to check that the edges are not pointed, in order to prevent eye accidents. It's a good idea to stay away from toys that shoot objects in the air, such as slingshots or dart guns. In an instance where you can't eliminate them altogether, then use of these toys should only be used when accompanied by a responsible adult. When letting older children play with chemicals or tools, be sure he or she wears safety goggles.

Beyond toys, other household threats exist that you should be aware of. Corners with a sharp edge that are found on tables are a frequent cause of injury for shorter children and should be protected. Cleaning solutions that are not stored properly are a further source of danger for kids and must be placed out of reach or behind a locked cabinet at all times.

While it's true that games and toys for children won't always be totally harmless, there are numerous wonderful toys that can benefit children's eyesight. There are many toys tailored to certain ages that provide amazing ways to grow visual development. When selecting toys for youngsters, look for those that refine coordination between the hands and eyes and will help youngsters to understand colors, shapes and space. It can also be a good idea to do some research before checking out the toy store. Then you can ensure that your purchase is safe for your children's eyes and will enrich their visual development at the same time!